Europ Assistance SA is a solid and established service provider with particular focus in the automotive and travel industry. What sets the service apart is the emphasis placed on the driver and passengers, in addition to the vehicle. A single point of contact promotes mobility in every situation with members/employees connected to a national network of automotive and travel service providers, including insurers, car rental companies, car manufacturers and retail clubs.

Roadside Assist

Roadside Assist offers peace of mind through a 24-hour contact centre that will dispatch the appropriate services in the event of a roadside emergency, [...]

Take Me Home

Take Me Home is a designated driver service that ensures your members always arrive home safely after a night out, with the added convenience [...]

Accident Manager

With Accident Manager, a single call to our 24-hour emergency call centre activates immediate and professional towing, medical and legal assistance. Accident Manager combines a [...]

Vehicle Concierge

A Concierge service is a gift of time and balance. We’ve made sourcing vehicle related goods and services, a convenient and effortless experience by [...]

Discounted Travel

Randgo Travel (formerly moregolfgetaways) offers market leading discounted travel that delivers “best available” rates, through cutting edge technology and the highest levels of service [...]


A single call to the Dial-a-Discount service can source members virtually any product or service they need – from motor spares and equipment, to [...]

Roadside Advanced

Traditional Roadside Assistance is designed to provide solutions to motor vehicle owners who encounter inconveniences such as break downs, flat/faulty batteries, etc. However Roadside [...]