Our Core Competencies

We offer an integrated solution

Our integrated risk mitigation solution and comprehensive range of products include:

  • Home and Family Benefits
  • Automotive Solutions
  • Medical, Health and Travel Services
  • Lifestyle and Concierge benefits
  • Professional and Outsourcing Services
We are fuelled by strong relationships

Europ Assistance has long-standing and stable relationships with insurers, medical schemes, employee groups, retailers, vehicle manufacturers and other corporate organisations who have placed their confidence in our commitment to:

  • Quality of service delivery
  • Availability and flexibility
  • Professionalism and accountability
  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency and cost-effectiveness
We are flexible and solution-orientated

Our unique range of bundled service offerings, combined with dedicated support from our holding company, enables us to effectively integrate all risk, health, safety and security operations for our clients.

In an unpredictable landscape, where everyone’s needs are unique, we adopt a fluid approach.

Our programmes are modular, and our ability to develop ad-hoc systems to solve clients’ specific challenges is recognised throughout the industry.

We empower your brand and bring solutions on board that will support your unique Business Continuity Plans.

We are mindful of costs

We provide quality assistance while honouring our obligations to our clients – at the best possible price.

Mitigating costs – from recommendations in our service provider network and procurement practices to ongoing market research in technology and streamlined process solutions – helps us maintain competitive pricing without compromising our service.

Our network is the largest in the country

Europ Assistance contracts and manages the largest independent network of service providers in South Africa.

Annual audits are conducted to ensure compliance with contracted service-level agreements. The audit process is followed by constructive or regulatory feedback to providers about where improvement is necessary.

The two-way process also allows the service provider to raise relevant queries and concerns.

We are socially responsible

At Europ Assistance, our culture is driven by the desire to help people. We believe that through a dedicated and collaborative effort, we can help enrich the lives of those in need, living up to our brand promise: “you live, we care”.

Our protocols and procedures are tried-and-tested

Clear protocols are established at the onset of any contract with us, meaning that authorised personnel are clearly identified from the inception of the agreement.

Contact centre staff are then trained in accordance with set protocols and scripts designed to support the relevant offering.

Allocating a single white-labelled contact centre number to your organisation offers the benefit of continuous client brand exposure and seamless communication, as the member communicates with the contact centre throughout the entire claim process.

We monitor our performance with a Net Promotor Score (NPS) system

Our NPS drive provides us with insight into the end user’s service experience and data on our corporate account management proficiencies.

An in-depth analysis of the information identifies best practices, service delivery gaps, root cause findings and client suggestions for product enhancements.

Our leadership team encourages employees to immerse themselves in our internal culture of understanding, which puts the client at the heart of our business.

Our client value initiatives are geared towards removing all non-value adding activities from processes, while simultaneously streamlining and delivering at the lowest cost possible.

Ongoing training empowers our staff to break free from operational constraints that could hinder the client experience.

We are “LEAN”

LEAN is a system designed to maximise value and minimise waste. Simply put, it creates more value for our clients with fewer resources.

LEAN implements focused processes to consistently improve value to clients, with the ultimate goal in mind:  to provide perfect value to the client through an impeccable value creation process with zero waste.

Eliminating the silo mentality, LEAN collates data collected about waste along entire value streams, not just isolated points. This helps create processes that require less human effort, less space, less capital, and less time, yielding affordable products with fewer defects.

We have a streamlined Service Provider Management Tool

Our formalised Service Provider Management Tool allows the contact centre to dispatch a service provider quickly and efficiently, without having to physically call the provider.

Incident management is accurate and automated, alerting the contact centre to expected delays so that client expectations can be managed proactively.

We have a B-BBEE plan

As a level 1 B-BBEE contributor, we are committed to transformation and making a positive impact on the communities we operate in.

Compliance with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”’) regulations is of paramount importance to Europ Assistance Worldwide Services (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.

A robust consultation with an accredited BEE Analyst has been conducted, wherein a gap analysis and a strategy, which will aid Europ Assistance in adopting new codes more effectively and efficiently was identified. We proactively make use of smaller B-BBEE providers in our service provider network.

In 2016, Europ Assistance established the Europ Assistance Broad-Based Trust in compliance with the ownership requirement set out in new B-BBEE codes. In order to effectively comply, the board of directors approved increased black female shareholding.

Our learnership programme enriches young lives

Through our in-house Training Academy – we facilitate a Contact Centre Learnership with Services SETA accreditation, which enables successful learners to earn a recognised qualification. The academy also provides ongoing training and skills development to existing staff through our interactive e-learning platform.

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