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Europ Assistance South Africa – your employer of first choice

Europ Assistance South Africa has been a respected market leader in assistance services, providing South Africans with help and support in all of life’s circumstances. Care is at our core and it’s a philosophy that is driven by the commitment of our 1000-strong talent base. 


Join Europ Assistance SA Family Today!

A career with Europ Assistance South Africa means you belong to a community of talent working together to help people all over South Africa. The assistance services environment is both rewarding and challenging. If you want to be inspired on a daily basis and value the opportunity to stretch yourself to achieve your goals, then Europ Assistance South Africa may be the right company for you. 

One thing’s for sure – there is no typical description of a Europ Assistance South Africa employee and that’s because our people just don’t fit into the run of the mill stereotypes.  We value our employees for who they are and the particular skill sets they bring – we think it’s what defines us as one of the country’s leading assistance services businesses. And we employ the very best people to help make us the  best in our industry, constantly strengthening our brand and ensuring that our clients get the service they deserve.


Our values-driven culture

‘You live. We care.’  This slogan is the essence of our business success; it guides our relations with our clients and it extends to the development of our people. Our company acronym stands for the values that create our culture and grow our talent:


Because care is integral to our strategy, our values are also supported by our four Care Pillars: Commitment, Compliance, Care and Communication.


Integrity is what ensures a trusting and beneficial relationship between a company and its customers; and it’s what our leading reputation is founded on. Our policies, procedures, work standards and service levels ensure ethical behaviour and as an employee you will be  empowered to walk the talk.


We take responsibility for our decisions, actions and results. Our people strive to never let our clients down. We value ideas that contribute to overall team performance and  we work together to put our best strengths forward. It’s an approach that ensures our people are able to obtain exposure to a global experience of work.


As a service provider, a strong service ethos is naturally critical. In a competitive world, client loyalty is built on world class service. Our people know that our clients are our reason for what the business has come to be and its why we ensure every Europ Assistance South Africa employee is a specialist in providing the ultimate customer experience. 


The person who knows your aspirations and ambitions best - is you. By offering our people opportunities to shine, to grow and develop helps us stay strong. It’s why we can and will assist you to  adapt and maximise your talents. At Europ Assistance South Africa, when it comes to your development, you can steer your own path.


Why we are your employer of first choice

  1. Diversity is our advantage
    We employ people from from all over the world. This diversity of cultures and backgrounds creates a special group of people who all work to support each other’s success.  
  2. Inspiring leadership & development
    Our impressive leadership genuinely cares about the development of the Europ Assistance SA team and will help showcase your skill to make a difference to the company goals. If you have potential, it will  be recognised.
  3. Commitment is rewarded
    You will be rewarded for the difference you make, so you can see tangible results of your contribution in all ways.
  4. Work for an industry leader
    We have a great team, a strong track record and a bright future. Europ Assistance SA is a market leader in terms of our relevant service offerings, broad client base and innovative approach to product development.



Our HR focus

Attract. Develop. Energise. Retain. This is the key responsibility of the Human Resources team at Europ Assistance South Africa. And more than 700  truly talented people subscribe to this open, confident and winning culture.

Empowering people to deliver consumer satisfaction

Working in our World of Care service offering, it is vital that our employees are enthusiastic and have a clear idea of our business goals to drive superior performance. In HR, our focus is to ensure our people have the opportunity to use their talents and energy constructively. 

Ours is a culture of ongoing development so it is a given that leaders engage with their teams and develop their people. We offer personal and organisational learning to leverage the capability of both the business and the individual to establish the company vision. Personal fulfillment is encouraged and success is recognised in ways which are relevant to you, the individual.

Areas covered by HR within Europ Assistance South Africa

Managing performance

  • Measuring & aligning performance
  • Rewarding performance
  • Managing & administering benefits
  • Managing organisational learning and development
  • Designing & developing the organisation
  • Managing change
  • Managing organisational climate
  • Learning in the organisation


  • Resource planning
  • Selection and Assessments
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding

Managing careers and development

  • Assessing competencies and potential
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Training and development
  • Managing employment relations
  • Managing employment legislation
  • Managing workplace relations
  • Managing HR customer services