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Executive Wellbeing Services




  • Health and wellbeing service
  • Rewards programmes
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle behaviour


Employees are an organisation’s biggest asset and one of its greatest risk factors. Proactive wellbeing programmes and attention to employees’ overall health and wellbeing are no longer a nice to have, but considered a risk-management strategy.

Our approach to the promotion of healthier lifestyle and wellbeing choices is undertaken on an organisational, manager and individual level. Executive wellbeing services include:


  • Consulting – facilitates wellbeing strategy development, and the review of policies and procedures to align with company objectives and create a framework for the optimal return on investment.
  • Risk and Performance Management – support management to create an environment where people can thrive.  Supporting risk, performance and incentive management initiatives.
  • Project management – facilitates integrated implementation, active monitoring and evaluation, meaningful reporting and a process of continuous quality improvement.