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About Us

Europ Assistance SA was established in 1993. We are proud to be the most comprehensive Assistance Services Provider in South Africa. Europ Assistance SA is undoubtedly the market leader in terms of product offering and client base.
We are a solid and established service provider that assists corporates, brokers, clubs, medical aid funds and employers in providing value added services and benefits to their members.
We have introduced innovative products and services to the South African market that have revolutionised the legal, medical, insurance and value-added services industries. Our business and products are continually re-engineered to ensure that we remain at the forefront of developments. We provide telephonic advice, assistance and consultation which include Health, Travel, Emergency, Professional Consultation Cover, Labour, Education and Recoveries.
As a business, Europ Assistance SA combines experience, technology and unequalled industry knowledge to ensure service quality. All contact centre case managers, nursing staff and legal advisors are housed at our call centre in Constantia Kloof, Johannesburg.